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    not able to send email notification to adhoc role created

      Hi All,

      Have a requirement to send email notification to multiple emails from workflow. As per the given requirements have derived the emails and concatenated with comma (,) and passed to the API createadhocrole to create.

      lRoleEmail has value as xyz@abc.com,abc@xyz.com

      wf_directory.CreateAdHocRole(role_name => lRoleName,
      role_display_name => lDisplayName,
      language => 'AMERICAN',
      territory => 'AMERICA',
      role_description => NULL,
      notification_preference => 'MAILHTML',
      role_users => NULL,
      email_address => lRoleEmail);

      A new role is getting created but there is no email sent.
      Created a new attribute of role type and in the notification function have assigned the same as the performer.

      The NOTIFICATION_PREFERENCE in WF_ROLES table is DISABLED for the new role.

      If anyone came across same issue please let me know to to achieve this.

      Thanks in advance.