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    Streams and Data Guard together...is it possible?

      Oracle 11gR2 Unix

      Hi All,

      This question is about streams and data guard so I don't know which forum is more appropriate (Streams or Data Guard).

      In any case, I wanted to know if the following scenario is possible to do.

      We have a production database and we want to replicate it to another db server. For this process, we are looking at using streams - 2 database replication with downstream capture process. Now the replicated database is going to be on ODA (Oracle Database Appliance). As you know, with the ODA you get 2 server nodes. So the first node would be the replicated database. However, we are thinking of having the second server node in the ODA as a failover of the first. Here I was thinking about configuring Data Guard (specifically Active DG). I want to know if this scenario is possible and/or configurable.

      Thank you all.

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          Yes you can create physical standby database with data guard for a database that is also configured with streams.
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            Yes you can do this.

            You have to setup two archivelog locations using dblinks for both streams and data guard.

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              Tony Garabedian
              I actually have designed such a platform and we are in the middle of the project now.

              Multiple source database and one single destination database. Each source database is also configured with Active Data Guard configuration as well.
              we are currently in the stream configuration process, once all databases are streamed we will proceed with the data guard configuration.

              once thing I'm considering for the future, is that which product to configure first; Data Guard or Streams.

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                How about source and destination being on different platforms? For example, Solaris to Linux or HP-UX to Linux? I haven't found anything concrete in the documentation. Its seems like it depends what type of replication option you choose (downstream, local). I know that you can with different db versions, but what about OS platforms?

                I read this in the documentation:

                The operating system on the source and downstream capture sites must be the same, but the operating system release does not need to be the same. In addition, the downstream sites can use a different directory structure than the source site.

                But some people have told me that have been able to do it on different platforms. Which is it?

                Thanks all

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                  Tony Garabedian
                  well, it is a bit vague in the documentations, same OS different release will work, different db versions 10g/11g works as well as long as the COMPATIBLE parameter is set correctly on both.
                  I will try on different platforms as soon as I get some free time, Id like to see the results.

                  will post the results.

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                    streams can be configured on different platforms but dataguard needs to be on the same platform. it can be on a different version of the operating system but has to be on the same platform.
                    i have implemented systems where both was used. also have you considered logical data guard instead of physical to replicate to different platform/OS? if not i would recommend doing some research around it. it is a good way to replicate data and much faster than streams. but again both have pros and cons.