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    How to run jmap and jhat in Java 1.4

      Hi All,

      I need a histogram to analyse the heap memory details for the weblogic managed servers in a production environment. I was planing to use the *jmap -histo PID* command to analyse it. But my java process is running on v1.4.2.10. I have heard jmap is only available from JDK 1.5 onwards. I cannot upgrade the java version of the application.

      Q1. Is there any way to get jmap for 1.4. If yes, can someone please provide a link?
      Q2. This might be a little naive but is it possible that i install java 1.6 in another location in the system, run jmap and jhat in that and use the PID of the current JVM process which i want to dump?
      Q3. Just another generic question - is the heap dump of jmap portable across all OS and Java verisions for analysis with jhat?