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    Memory is not reclaimed after deleting element through deleteDocument

      I am using xmldb 2.3.10 in a large setup. Periodically db versions are created. While trying to purge the versions I am not able to see the memory usage going down until I restart the app. But after purging the versions and then restarting the app I can see huge memory gain. Can you please suggest ways to handle the same without restart.

      Here is what I am doing:

      Input : XmlTransaction& txn and integer type lastVersionToPurge
      /*Code for xquery*/
      string xquery;
      xquery.append(" for $i in collection('").append(getName()).append("')");
      xquery.append(" where $i/dbxml:metadata('").append(XdbConstants::METADATA_HIGH_DBVERID)
      xquery.append(" return $i");

      XmlQueryContext qc = getXmlManager().createQueryContext();
      XmlResults res = getXmlManager().query(txn, xquery, qc, DBXML_LAZY_DOCS);
      XmlDocument doc;
      while (res.next(doc)) {
      string docId = doc.getName();
      //Setting up a boolean flag for metadat and ...
      XmlUpdateContext uc = getXmlManager().createUpdateContext();
      container_->deleteDocument(txn, docId, uc);

      Now issue is that the process containing xmldb is approx 1GB before purging these versions. If without purging these version I restart the process there is not significant reduction in memory usage but if I restart the process after purge I can see huge reduction in memory footprint of containing process. Since restart of containing process includes stop/start of dbxml, is it possible to only restart the xmldb after the purge? If so what are the api's. If no are there other alternatives that do not require a restart of containing process.