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    Default landing page in web app using Experience Manager 3.1.0

      Hi there,

      I imported the data into Endeca, build the pipeline and can access the jsp reference application fine. When I try to access the default landing page in my webapps, for same application, I am keep getting error:
      Unable to display component due to error "com.endeca.infront.navigation.NavigationException: com.endeca.navigation.ENEException: HTTP Error 404 - Navigation Engine not able to process request 'http://localhost:15002/graph?node=0&select=product.sku|product.Description|product.uom|product.MSRP|product.price&sort=product.analytics.total_sales|asc&offset=0&nbins=10&autophrase=1&autophrasedwim=1&irversion=630'

      I have properties created as: sku, Description, uom, MSRP. I have dimention created named: Price

      why I am getting this error and how can I make my landing page to work to show resultlists, search box, breadcrumbs, guidede navigation etc?