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    Newbie: how to start using IPv4 with new Solaris 10 installation (T5120)

      Good afternoon,
      A collegue has re-installed Solaris 10 on my machine, and then returned home (other end of the world), he has left me with a machine that does not seem to support IPv4 anymore:
      While launching "traceroute <default router>", I get following error message:
      traceroute: can't find any IPv4 network interfaces
      I have already modified /etc/default/inet_type ("DEFAULT_IP=IP_VERSION4")
      I have already modified /etc/default/nss (I have uncommented the line "SORT_ADDRS=FALSE")
      => I have copied the last actions from another machine that is working fine.

      Is there a general manual that describes how to prepare a Solaris 10 machine (Sun Fire T5120) for IPv4 usage?