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    out of memory running cs5migrate 5.1.1 to 6.2

      I have an events.db file from a 5.1.1 install that is 5 gigabytes. Unfortunately when running cs5migrate it seems to parse this, grow to utilizing 4 gigabytes in memory and then drops core. Is there any work around to this issue? The following is a line from the end of a truss run on cs5migrate.

      1879/1: brk(0xFBCC4DC0) Err#12 ENOMEM
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          It may be late for this reply, but for future reference, it sounds like the <tt>events.db</tt> may have very old events. It is suggested to use the <tt>cscomponents</tt> command to remove very old events. For example, you could remove all events older than 1 or 2 years. This will help shrink the database to a manageable size. Also, prior to migrating the database, be sure to run <tt>csdb check</tt> and <tt>csdb rebuild</tt> to ensure that it is in a good consistent state.


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