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        hey crispo,

        I m planning to take 1Z0-144.As u have already completed ur exam can u guide me. "Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feuerstein" is this book sufficient?
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          I have read this thread with interest and frustration. I am glad to see that the Oracle certification is difficult and it leads me to think it is probably worth the investment. I also know what books to get to bolster my experience and hopefully improve my practices.
          What I want to say to all those people who are after a certification without the appropriate effort, if you get one, please never ask me for a job. I now know why so many employers are googling prospective staff. I recently hired a fraud and it was horrible for me and my (good) staff.
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            Brandye Barrington-Oracle
            I am glad that you shared this experience (but not that you had to go thru it). It just goes to show cheaters that if you cheat and use dumps to pass exams and do not take the proper time and effort to study and learn, you will be found out. You may get a job, but you will not likely keep it.

            Brandye Barrington
            Certification Forum Moderator
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              Matthew Morris
              There are people that have passed certification tests without knowing (or retaining) anything significant about the material that was tested.
              There are people that have legitimate four-year university degrees that graduated without ever learning anything from the time they spent in college.
              There are people with double-digit years of experience in the IT field that have spent their entire career doing things the wrong way and learning nothing from it.

              I've been in the IT field for 17 years and I've met some of each of the three classes of people. Most of you reading this with with time in the IT industry can say the same. Certifications, Degrees, and Experience are the cornerstones of what employers look for when vetting job applicants, but none of the three is 100% reliable. You can only use any of them as suggestions of potential competence and use personal interviews with the candidates to try to pick out the good from the bad candidates. Searching the internet is also becoming a good tool for finding the unethical candidates. Posts such as the ones you're unhappy about are a red arrow pointing at candidates you don't want. Even more than the ones here are the idiots that do this on LinkedIn. I saw one post recently from a Senior DBA at IBM asking for brain dumps. Imagine linking your online professional presence to a post blatantly requesting illegal study materials.
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                I gone through your discussion on oracle forum regarding oracle 11g PL Sql [ 144 ]. If you have passed or you got material. Please send me the same

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                  Matthew Morris

                  As I told you when you asked that same basic question here: (Re: OCA query legitimate free materials that people can 'send' to you are effectively non-existent. For this test, the only free method of studying is by making use of the test topics on the Oracle Education site and the Oracle documentation freely available on the web. I passed the test using nothing but the topic list and the Oracle documentation (although I should also note that I have developed in PL/SQL for a decade and a half).
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