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    Data Date

      Hi Folks,

      I have muliple progects in P6 Professional v7, and I am not able to add a coulmn to show each activity Data date.

      I would appreciate your help.

      Thank you,

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          Data Date is by project not activity so I don't believe there is an inherent way to display it in the activities view. There is a column for Data Date that can be displayed in the projects view.

          Out of curiosity, what is the business case for wanting to see the data date by activity?
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            Thank you. Actually, I have multiple projects and I would like to create a look-ahead report, so I need to show the data date for each activity.
            I know that in the project view we are able to provide Data date column, but I was not able to add data date column to the Activity view.
            I wished that there is a work around in Report view, Export file, or in P6 activity view itself.
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              For one project (baselined or not), a data date remains common for all the activities, ie, there is only one data date for allt he activities in a project. Therefore, if you must display it in any of your reports, you can display it as one of the header / footer options.
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                From what I understand, you have multiple projects open at the same time and you want Data Date displayed as a column, right ?

                You can add a UDF and use global change or import/export with excel to store the data data for the individual projects. When you open the projects together you can stick the UDF column in and there you go.

                I don't think there's a direct way of doing it in P6.