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    multipathing not enabled after disk change


      On both of my Sun-Fire-880 servers I had to replace disks. One disk on the first server, and two on the second one.
      And for each I have the same problem : I can't enable multipathing on new disks, and the command luxadm display FCloop returns me an error.

      All disks on these servers are accessible from two controllers with multipathing enabled for each of them, and pushed into ZFS pool.
      So to replace the first disk I detached it from pool, used the luxadm command to export the disk, replaced the disk, and finally used luxadm to import the new disk.
      After that, I can see the new disk twice, once for each controller access.
      So I tried to enable multipathing on the new disk with stmsboot -d, but it didn't change anything.
      I still see my disk twice labeled as a non multipathing disk.

      Thank's in advance to anyone who would have an idea.