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    Data source bindings and pie chart

      Hello All,

      I have developed private pages ex. Sales and Survey in a community and there are no public pages. Now when I go to data source bindings, it does not show any components. Any suggestions as what this could be related to?

      Second question is on pie chart, say I am showing sales by products and the requirement is to show the product with highest sale on first wedge of the pie. First wedge would be one that starts at noon and goes clockwise.

      Thanks in advance
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          To answer your pie chart question, assuming you're using version 2.3 of Studio, you just need to update the sort order so that the chart is sorted by the metric values instead of by the dimension values, which is the default. Use the Sorting options link at the bottom of the Chart Configuration tab.

          See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29805_01/studio.230/eid_studio_users/toc.htm#Configuring%20the%20chart%20sorting for details.

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