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    grid control agent not discovering database


      I have installed grid control agent 12c under user oracle -> we use oracle userid to install oem12c grid agent
      but i have a database hypd running on the same server under user ohyp. we used ohyp userid to install hyperion database.

      now when i trying to add the database into 12c agent it is not discovering.

      appreciate any suggestions.
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          Loc Nhan -Oracle
          Assuming the database in question is an Oracle database, check that:

          - The agent software owner can read file /etc/oratab or /var/opt/oracle/oratab depending on the platform.
          Note: For database discovery to work, it is necessary to have an appropriate entry for the database in the oratab file.

          - The agent software owner (oracle) should be in the same OS group with the database software owner (ohyp) to allow the agent to read/execute certain files in the database home.

          - Loc