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    Creating an Updatable Report ("Manual Tabular Form")

      I have been trying to write an updatable report (or manual tabular form), using a radio button as the row selector. The radio button is defined as the following HTML expression:

      <input type="radio" name="f11", value="#ROWNUM#">

      The I am having problems in regard to paging. (By the way, I get the same problem with a checkbox instead of a radio button.) Everything works fine on the first page. But when I go to other pages, there is a problem. Suppose I select the 17th record, which is the second record of the second page. The value of the array g_F(11) is 17, but that doesn't help me. I need the index 2, not 17. I can solve the problem by storing the rownum of each record in a hidden item and then subtracting the rownum of the first value in the array from the 17, but this seems inelegant. There must be a better way.

      For example, the row selector used in a tabular form doesn't have this problem. What is it doing that I don't know about? How does it get the correct "relative" row number of a record on a page instead of the "absolute" row number?

      Ed Sciore