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    HFM Rule subtraction of 2 empty accounts equals -1,45519152283669E-11

      Hello all,

      it is curious and i don´t know why this occurs, so i hope someone can help me please.

      I have two accounts they stored no data, so they are empty.
      Another account will be calculated like

      Account3 = Account1 - Account2

      Account1 and Account2 are empty, but if i calculate account3 with these 2 empty accounts i get the value -1,45519152283669E-11.
      I checked the values from the other accounts with a write2file function to a logfile. And Account1 = 0, Account2 = 0 but Account3 returns this curious value.
      What is wrong? The HS.Round(0.1)-Function will not help in this problem.

      Many thanks in advance for your help.