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    Multiple attribute in Tag Cloud

      can someone guide me how to build tag cloud based on multiple attributes in Studio. e.g. I created a tag cloud based on attribute 'Model', now I need to include tags related to another attribute called 'Type'. Any hint is highly appreciated.

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          Unfortunately, as far as I know, a tag cloud can only support one attribute. So you can have two different tag clouds, each assigned a different attribute, but you can't assign two attributes to a single tag cloud.

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            Although it may not be ideal, you might consider creating a new attribute in your data store that contains both Model data and Type data (e.g. ModelAndType). You could either concatenate the data together (Model=ABC, Type=XYZ, ModelAndType="ABC XYZ") or you could multi-assign it (ModelAndType=ABC, ModelAndType=XYZ). The former would force the tag cloud to always show your values together. The latter would allow the tag cloud to consider them separately.

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              Thanks Dave and Janice,

              Dave, I think this will work only from Tag cloud creation point of view but as you said its not ideal solution. I hope they will come up with something related to this issue.


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                As input into this feature request, can you give a bit more context on how these attributes relate to each other, and your expected behavior if multiple attributes are used in the same tag cloud? Typically, the values for a particular attribute are distributed in the tag cloud, with each tag's relative font size representing its frequency (i.e. the number of records in the current view associated with that value) or its relevance (i.e. the number of records in the current view associated with that value scaled against the number of records in the full corpus associated with that value -- a variant on tf-idf: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tf*idf). If the tag cloud displayed multiple attributes, would you expect the values from the two attributes to be arbitrarily intermixed? That is, if Color=Red had 50 records tagged to it, and Country=USA had 50 records to it, you'd expect to see tags "red" and "usa" displayed with equal sizes? And, if refinement is enabled, clicking on each of them would apply a filter against a different attribute? Or are you expecting a combination of attribute values to appear as tags (e.g. a single tag of "red+usa")?

                A bit more context will be very valuable as we consider enhancements to the Tag Cloud in future EID releases.
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                  Hi Sasha,
                  here is the scenario. Consider I am building a report on car sales for a dealer. So the Brand attribute(instead of Model as I mentioned in my question) will have values BMW, Honda, Toyota and Model attribute will have values 335i, Accord, Civic, Camry, Corolla etc. So I was wishing to include both of them in tag cloud so the user can refine the report quickly based on either Brand or Model attribute.


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