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    BIP Security - Data Level Security / Init Blocks

      Hello, I am using BIP I am aware that in OBIEE data-level security can be implemented by placing permissions on a application role. However, I am wondering if this can be accomplished in BIP if I use a BI Analysis or SQL as the datasource for my data model. I have a catalog of 100 BIP reports and was wondering if I can implemented data-level security via the RPD. I am exploring the various options of executing this type of security. I already performed some research and found Oracle's whitepaper on Row Level Security with BI Publisher.

      Another Question: Does session init blocks work with BIP? I flipped the switch for BIP security model to 'Oracle BI Server' on the Admin security page. Next, I went to the RPD in online mode and created a simple query inside a init block. However, when I logged into BIP I didn't see the variable from the session init block in the Manage Sessions window.