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    Sybase to Oracle migration

      Has anyone here done sybase to oracle migration.I am new to oracle have been assigned this task.
      Please share the challenges and methods you faced and implemented .
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          for sure many did such migrations. Just click on the Search button and search for "Sybase Migration" and you will get many hits.

          As a starter I suggest also clicking here:


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            Can u tell me the major challenges you faced while migrating from sybase to oracle
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              when I said that many made such migrations, I meant many customers. I am not a customer, I am working in Oracle Support. We can help you if you have dedicated problems. Questions about experiences can only be answered by other customers, but if no other customer replies in this forum, I can only suggest that you use SQL Developer to do the migration, and if you encounter a problem that you can't solve yourself then you can log a Service Request with Oracle Support.

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                ok thanks
                Oracle Support will charge ..or is it free ?lol
                bcz i am stuck at the moment
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                  Well, our salaries must come from somewhere...

                  If you are migrating to Oracle RDBMS I suspect you have a license to use Oracle RDBMS. And normally our customers also sign a support contract if they buy the license, otherwise it makes not much sense. Oracle is not for free. But SQL Developer is free. And if you have a support contract for Oracle RDBMS, this includes support for SQL Developer.

                  If you don't have the possibility to log a Service Request, you can always discuss your questions in this forum. But there is no guarantee that we can always help, and the priority to answer questions in this forum is much lower than working on Service Requests.

                  But to come back to your remark "i am stuck at the moment". Your questions up to now were only extremely general. I have no idea what you have tried so far, whether you tried already a migration using SQL Developer and read the documentation how to do that. But if you can tell me what you did so far and where you stuck then I might be able to help you. Precise questions can be answered precisely. General questions can only result in suggestions to read something.

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                    ok what i am currently doing is i have like 30 procedures for an application tio run in SYABSE.
                    I am taking one procedure at a time from sybase anc converting it to pl/sql using translation scratch editor.
                    Is this the correct way?
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                      Procedures are migrated like any other objects. That is documented:

                      Using SQL Developer to migrate a third-party database to an Oracle database provides the following benefits:

                      - Reduces the effort and risks involved in a migration project

                      - Enables you to migrate an entire third-party database, including triggers and stored procedures

                      I have for example this little procedure in our Sybase database:

                      create procedure last_record (@arg1 smallint OUTPUT)
                      select @arg1=col1 from #tmp

                      Then I did a migration of the complete database, and found this in the converted model:

                      CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE last_record
                      v_arg1 OUT NUMBER

                      SELECT col1

                      INTO v_arg1
                      FROM tt_tmp ;

                      So you see, procedures are migrated automatically. But it may happen that problems occur. Then you can use the translation scratch editor to adjust how a T-SQL procedure will be migrated.

                      So in normal cases you do not need to care about the procedures. Only in case of errors you need to do something, and the translation scratch editor is a tool to help you in such cases.

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                        That what i am telling i am migrating every object like tables ,procedures ,views using translation editor one by one

                        How can i migrate all objects together at one go
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                          I really don't understand what you mean. The SQL Developer Migration Workbench is a tool that automates the migration.

                          I assume you have:

                          - installed SQL Developer
                          - made a connection in SQL Developer to your Oracle database
                          - made a connection in SQL Developer to your Sybase database
                          - created a migration repository in your Oracle database
                          - read the SQL Developer documentation

                          Then you are able to click on Tools - Migration - Migrate, and that will open the Migration Wizard which will lead you through the migration.

                          It is always advisable, if you use this tool the first time, to start with a little test database that you can migrate online. Then using the Migration Wizard for such an online migration is just a few mouse clicks, and finally all your objects and data will be migrated to an Oracle schema. Automatically.

                          The issue is a little bit more time consuming if your Sybase database is big, then an offline migration is much better and faster. But also an offline migration is automated and you don't have to migrate each object manually. You just need to read carefully the documentation to understand the difference between online and offline migration. Click on Help - Table of Contents, and then the chapter about Migrating Third-Party Databases.

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                            Ok thanks i got the answer.
                            Anyways i wanted to ask will it be beneficial for me doing migration work for my futre .I mean will it benefit in my career and resume
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                              This is a philosophical question. The person who can answer that at best are yourself. We always learn for life and don't know whether we need the learned things again or not. That starts in school and ends at the end of life.

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                                SQL Developer can be used for migration from SQL Server, Sybase etc, to Oracle.

                                SQL Developer is a GUI tool to connect to an Oracle and some non Oracle DB. It can be used for issuing Ad-hoc SQL command and to manage PL/SQL objects. It is written in Java and needs JRE.
                                SQL Developer does not need to be installed by OUI. It is not installed in an Oracle Home but self-contained. To install it just download it from Oracle Corporation web site and unzip it. That’s it. Now you can launch it by running sqldeveloper.exe in Windows.
                                To run in UNIX set the DISPLAY= (or whatever your ip address) and then run sqldeveloper.sh

                                From my experience It is very beneficial to have migration experience from non oracle to oracle DB.
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                                  Why is it very beneficial ?Does it require some special skill or what is the reason?
                                  Thanks n regards
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                                    Hi i gt connected to my sybase database through sql developer and named it as Sybase_DB.
                                    Now i created a schema Oracle_Db to store alll the objects of Sybase_DB.

                                    What should be my next step ?
                                    I ma not able to proceed.I want to do online migration.
                                    What privileges are needed for Oracle_Db user.
                                    I was able to create a captured and converted model but both had the sybase code :(

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