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    Problem with Oracle Cache Administration user with the Cache Database

      Hi ALL,

      I am new to times ten, I started off with the steps mentioned in the below link


      so while associating Oracle Cache Administration user with the Cache Database i am getting the below error

      command:- call ttcacheuidpwdset ('cacheadm','cacheadm');

      Command> connect "dsn=cachedb1_1122;uid=cacheadm;oraclepwd=cacheadm";
      Enter password for 'cacheadm':
      Connection successful: DSN=cachedb1_1122;UID=cacheadm;DataStore=C:\DOCUME~1\omep
      (Default setting AutoCommit=1)
      Command> call ttcacheuidpwdset ('cacheadm','cacheadm');
      8296: TimesTen and Oracle database character sets do not match. TimesTen: AL32
      UTF8, Oracle: WE8MSWIN1252
      5935: Could not validate Oracle login: uid = CACHEADM, pwd = HIDDEN, OracleNetS
      erviceName = orcl, TNS_ADMIN = "C:\app\omeprod\product\111~1.0\db_1\NETWORK\ADMI
      N", ORACLE_HOME= ""
      The command failed.

      not sure of what might be configured incorrectly here? Please help
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          One of the requirement for cahce setup is "the value of DatabaseCharacterSet in TIMESTEN must be identical to the database character set defined in the Oracle database" .

          In your case Oracle database characterset is "WE8MSWIN1252" while timesten database characterset is " AL32UTF8 ".

          You need to rectify this. You can change the database characterset in Timesten in sys.odbc.ini file .

          NB : DatabaseCharacterSet is being the data store attribute , so you can't change it in run time. You have to recreate the datastore with new DatabaseCharacterSet value. (Take a backup of your datastore and destroy it and recreate it with new DatabaseCharacterSet value)