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    Canceled Notifications


      In R11.5.10.2 we are having difficulty in getting notification response in a custom workflow. Both the notification and its message uses standard 'APPROVAL' result type.

      Here is the situation;

      The workflow status is completed. But the workflow route is totally wrong. When i check activity history on status monitor; some steps are skipped.

      The client claims that he responded Approve for the selected notification.

      But when i check the wf_notifications table the status is 'CANCELED' and MAIL_STATUS is SENT, but the responder column is empty.
      Result type seems 'FORCE'. As I check the notification there is no XML error, and the performer is valid.

      He said that they are facing this issue especiialy with responses from their mail accounts not from their worklist. Are they any patches or some other columns i should check ?

      Thank you.