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    OIM AD Child Table entry

    Pallavi Chaudhari

      I am getting this exception when I am trying to add groups to the child table in AD Process form.

      ERROR,11 Apr 2011 07:36:11,039,,exception = tcAPIException
      Thor.API.Exceptions.tcAPIException: The entered form data already exists.
           at com.thortech.xl.ejb.beansimpl.tcFormInstanceOperationsBean.addProcessFormChildData(Unknown Source)
           at com.thortech.xl.ejb.beansimpl.tcFormInstanceOperationsBean.addProcessFormChildData(Unknown Source)
           at com.thortech.xl.ejb.beans.tcFormInstanceOperationsSession.addProcessFormChildData(Unknown Source)
           at com.thortech.xl.ejb.beans.tcFormInstanceOperations_2j82mm_ELOImpl.addProcessFormChildData(tcFormInstanceOperations_2j82mm_ELOImpl.java:2101)
           at Thor.API.Operations.tcFormInstanceOperationsClient.addProcessFormChildData(Unknown Source)
           at com.oim.AD.LegalADuser.assignGroup(LegalADuser.java:954)
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          Kevin Pinsky
          "The entered form data already exists."

          The entry already exists in the chilid table.

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            Hi Kevin.

            I have a custom connector in OIM and when i try to add a new role to child table for the first time it is working fine and later it is showing the same exception. The child table doesn't have this role entry and I am tring it from OIM console. Inorder to add a new role I need to delete all the roles in the child table. Then only I am able to add a role again.

            Thanks & Regards,
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              Nagaraju Chowdary

              The child table entry which u r trying to add to the Resource object provisioned to him was already resides in the form instance or child table process form
              You just remove the entry with tcFoemInstanceOperations OIM API's removeChildProcessFormData (childformprocessinstancekey,primarykey of the entry to be deleted)
              Then you can try to add entry ,it will work fine
              This problem is beacuse of adding the childtable-entry to the form instance irrespective of the reponse received So you can try by deleting the entry