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    MAA stop apply mode for instance

      Hi all,
      we need to restart one of the compute nodes.
      On these nodes runs our physical Standby databases.

      So we have two instances but only one is the applying instance.

      What would you prefer?

      Before reboot I would like to stop the APPLY Mode inside the dgmgrl by using
      edit database 'xyz' set state = 'APPLY-OFF'.

      Is it possible to stop the Apply mode for one instance?
      I take a look to the edit daatabase command inside the dgmgrl but there is no syntax for stopping the Apply for one instance

      Or did you have another tested solution?

      kind regards
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          Is this an Exadata? If so HP or Sun? Which O/S version?

          Again if Exadata did you blow away RAC and decide to use it as a stand-alone single instance server?

          A whole lot of explaining is required before I expect anyone is going to try to give specific advice: I know for sure I won't because what I just read doesn't compute.
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            yes, it is an Exadata. X2 Quarter Rack with CRS and DB. (Primary and Standby)
            I think a little bit abot the whole task.
            For me it makes sense to do in the following way.

            While we have 4 Data guards an all applying instance are on instance 2 which means on the second db-node
            I would like to do the following.

            Double check the Apply Mode with dgmgrl

            Login as Grid Infrastructure user and stop the whole cluster node
            crsctl stop cluster -n hostdb02

            Then we can configure on the OS level and afterwards we do the reboot.

            Now all resources will be started automatically.

            Check as last task if the data guards works fine.

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              Hi all,
              I did the change today and it works as described before.

              Our MAA Exadata now again in SYNC. :-)