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    Calling Entity Screen Flow

      Hi Guys,

      Can someone guide me on how how I can achieve this using OPA Web Determination. I can only use v10.2

      This is sort of a data viewer/updater which uses Siebel integration to pre-feed the data based on the parent entity.

      I have the following data model
      client (global)
      +- contact

      and the following screens
      1. Summary
      2. Client Details
      3. Contact Details

      The summary screen has screen flow link to the client details screen and some other links

      The client details screen has various related fields and below these fields, I need to display a list of available contacts. (I do not need the ability to add a new contact here)

      The list of contacts should have a link on the contact ID, which when clicked would take to Contact Details screen. How do I make these links in a question screen? These can be made by OPA in Summary screen but, then I won't be able to display the global fields as controls.

      I don't think there is any vanilla configuration which allows me to do this. So, customization would be required. If someone could guide me where to make the customizations.

      I though of making a custom control which would display a table of the entity instances (still going throuh VM files for the same) or handle onScreenRender event.

      Guidance on this would be much appriciated.

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          Davin Fifield-Oracle
          Have you considered having the contact details be served up by a separate web application, that is available via an iframe, for example? This is probably easier than trying to customize Web Determinations to do this. There doesn't seem to be any reason to have the contact details be an interview screen, since they don't participate in the data collection process - they are just informational.