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    MessageQ for RHEL5

      Hi, we are investigating the possibility to migrate our OpenVMS Alpha applications to RHEL5. These applications rely heavily on the use of BMQ, so we want to use Oracle MessageQ on RHEL5 too.

      We have downloaded MessageQ from edelivery.oracle.com but this appears to be suited for RHEL6.1 only. Starting a group and connecting it to another group on an Alpha-system is no problem, but linking with the shared object libraries in /opt/messageq/lib leads to the following error:
      /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /opt/messageq/lib/libpams.so when searching for -lpams

      However in the document "Oracle MessageQ Certified Platforms" from March 2012, RHEL5 is mentioned as a supported platform for MessageQ and RHEL6.1 is not. Could someone explain this to us?

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          We did certify the OMQ to RHEL 5.0, but the certified binary is not for RHEL6.1, you should use the binary for SUSE Linux on RHEL 5.0, you can download it (Download for Suse for Linux x86 (3,364,784 bytes) ) from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/tuxedo/downloads/index.html.