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    Input File on a Popup doesn't render after adding Javascript


      I have a very tricky problem.

      I have added a javascript function on component initialization to validate a "ADF Input file on a Popup". Popup is opened on clicking a link. Unfortunately Popup doesn't seem to render but the javascript function is getting invoked.
      What could be wrong?

      This is my JSPX code:

      <af:popup childCreation="deferred" autoCancel="disabled" id="p1">
      <af:panelWindow id="pw1">
      <af:inputFile label="My File4" id="myFile" binding="#{fileBean.myFile}"/>

      This is my javascript:

      function ootbValidateFileScript(maxSize) {
      alert("ootbValidateFileScript script invoked maxSize: " + maxSize);
      return true;

      If I avoid the popup and directly put the Input file on the page, everything works fine.

      I strongly feel my Javascript is interfering with normal execution of the Popup. What am I doing wrong?


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