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    migration from windows to linux

      Hello people
      using windows server 2003, X86 based system
      oracle version we are using is nls_character set is WE8ISO8859P1
      i want to migrate this to linux
      i have a linux 5.7 installed on a 32 bit machine with oracle here, there is one database currently which is AL32UTF8
      endian formats are same for linux and windows, both little
      right now i have just performed an export of the data(on the test server) and placed in the linux database
      but only 248 out of 312 tables got imported, this is okay right now but i it wont be okay for the production server
      so i am planning to use rman to migrate
      i am using
      Re: Database migration from Windows 10g to Linux 11g
      Migrate Oracle Database 10g from Windows to Linux
      a pdf by Alejandro Vargas
      please suggest any material related to this
      1)is there a neccessity to change the character set?
      2)*can we migrate when the database version is different?*
      can i start the process between these databases on windows to on linux
      thanks in advance

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          1. It is not necessary to change the character set of the database.

          2. yes you can migrate if database version is different using rman. yes you can start the process between 10.2.01 on windows to on linux

          but remeber one thing while migrating using rman cross platform the archive of windows platform cannot be applied to the linx platform and vice versa for recover. So you need to take backup of database using down time when no activity is performed and no change in database is happening.

          foryour reference you can also check this link


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            Hello saurabh
            will it work for ** and **
            not (which is what you said)
            thanks in advance

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              yes it will work
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                Srini Chavali-Oracle
                AL32UTF8 is the recommended characterset - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e25494/create001.htm#ADMIN13343

                Pl see this MOS Doc for further details -

                AL32UTF8 / UTF8 (Unicode) Database Character Set Implications [ID 788156.1]

                Pl post the complete export and import commands used, along with the first 20 and last 20 lines of the export and import logs. Why weren't all of the tables imported ?

                How big is the database ? How much downtime can you afford ?

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                  hello srini
                  the database size is small
                  i will not be using 'exp' or 'expdp' since rman is more recommended
                  this export- data-pump was done just to check dml and dql from .NET applications(yes it has to work fine and it is working fine)
                  should i plan to change the character set (if yes should i change it before or after migration)
                  are you suggesting me to use data pump instead of rman
                  i think rman is better option here considering the disparity in oracle version (**** and ****)
                  is character set migration a safe job considering the database's usability after migration
                  (i am a little wary about changing the character set since changing it and then using dbnewid utility resulted in ora 600 rendering one user to read only - dont know the reason)
                  i will be taking backups before and after every change
                  any advice about using rman for migration please
                  thanks for the response

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                    Srini Chavali-Oracle
                    If you use export/import, then you can upgrade and change the characterset in one step, rather that taking two downtimes (one for the upgrade and another for the characterset conversion). There is no requirement to change the characterset, it is only a recommendation at this point. If you use RMAN, you can do the upgrade without performing a change in the characterset

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                      I suggest please review
                      Exceed Column Length Problems while changing the database character set from WE8ISO8859P1 to UTF8 [ID 469020.1]