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    What is GC-- in the verbose gc log?

      Here are three lines I see in my verbose gc logging. I know what GC vs. Full GC means. What does GC-- mean in the second line?

      72447.493: [GC [PSYoungGen: 466112K->421769K(932096K)] 3257698K->3213372K(3728320K), 0.3571550 secs]
      72448.993: [GC-- [PSYoungGen: 887881K->887881K(932096K)] 3679484K->3684103K(3728320K), 0.5307090 secs]
      72449.523: [Full GC [PSYoungGen: 887881K->478052K(932096K)] [PSOldGen: 2796222K->2796222K(2796224K)] 3684103K->3274274K(3728320K) [PSPermGen: 261320K->261320K(261696K)], 5.2553460 secs]