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    R12.1.3 iStore and SSL

      Hi All,

      I am not sure if I should post this question in this forum or in ebs general, let me know if it's the case.

      We are upgrading from to R12.1.3.
      We have iStore running in DMZ.
      We have certificats from ENTRUST.

      On Web DMZ node, we created Oracle Wallet, and imported our certificats. Everything at this point is Ok.
      Now when need to have SSL (https) on 443 and NoSSL (http) on port 80 as we do have in our

      Following R12 DMZ doc, we set IBE: iStore Secure URL and IBE iStore Non Secure URL profile as follow:

      We also configured the url_fw.conf to change the INITAL page to iStore home page.
      We also run the txkChangeProfH.sql SERVRESP.
      We updated the Node Trust profile for our external node.

      When accessing iStore, it works. In Firefox or IE, when we type http://server.compagnie.com we are directed to iStore home page.
      When we mouse over "Login", we see the URL has "https://server.compagnie.com/OA_HTML/ibeCAcpSSOlogin.jsp.
      When we click on it, it doesn't switch to https but rather goes back to http.

      Are there any configuration in CONTEXT_FILE to do ? From the R12 dmz note, it seems to switch between HTTP and HTTPS, all you need to do is set the 2 IBE profiles.

      We must be missing something but we cant find it.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Have you bounced the application services after setting those profile options?

          Please review these docs.

          11.5.10: Oracle iStore Logout Redirects Users To Apps Login Page Instead of iStore Login Page [ID 1080927.1]
          11.5.10: Oracle iStore Product Wide FAQ [ID 215378.1]
          Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Configuration in a DMZ [ID 380490.1]
          Enabling SSL in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 [ID 376700.1]

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            Hi Hussein,

            Sorry for the delay.
            I went through the DMZ R12 and Enable SSL in R12 document.
            Everything seems to be as indicated.

            When we mouse over the "Login" URL in iStore we can see the link as "https//server.domain/..." but when we click on it, we are redirected to http://server.domain.com/appsLocalLogin.jsp
            When we check in ssl_engine_log file, it says:
            [warn] : You have configured HTTPS(443) on the HTTP(80) port!

            So I understand we have a wrong setting, but we cannot find which one

            All we changed in CONTEXT_FILE are the following:
            replace 8040 (port pool) to 80
            replace 4443 to 443

            We didn't change anything else in CONTEXT_FILE.

            Any hint?