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    (Youtube-) Video in a Swing GUI

      Hey everyone,

      I'm currently trying to play a video in my Swing GUI with JMF but I really can't get it to work.
      With the help of google I got this far:

      import java.awt.BorderLayout;
      import java.awt.Component;
      import java.io.IOException;
      import java.net.MalformedURLException;
      import java.net.URL;
      import javax.media.CannotRealizeException;
      import javax.media.Manager;
      import javax.media.NoPlayerException;
      import javax.media.Player;
      import javax.swing.JFrame;
      public class MediaPanel extends JFrame {
          public MediaPanel() {
              setLayout(new BorderLayout()); // use a BorderLayout
              // Use lightweight components for Swing compatibility
              Manager.setHint(Manager.LIGHTWEIGHT_RENDERER, true);
              URL mediaURL = null;
              try {
                  mediaURL = new URL("http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7_Z_mQUBa8");
              } catch (MalformedURLException ex) {
              try {
                  // create a player to play the media specified in the URL
                  Player mediaPlayer = Manager.createRealizedPlayer(mediaURL);
                  // get the components for the video and the playback controls
                  Component video = mediaPlayer.getVisualComponent();
                  Component controls = mediaPlayer.getControlPanelComponent();
                  if (video != null) {
                      add(video, BorderLayout.CENTER); // add video component
                  if (controls != null) {
                      add(controls, BorderLayout.SOUTH); // add controls
                  mediaPlayer.start(); // start playing the media clip
              } // end try
              catch (NoPlayerException noPlayerException) {
                  System.err.println("No media player found");
              } // end catch
              catch (CannotRealizeException cannotRealizeException) {
                  System.err.println("Could not realize media player");
              } // end catch
              catch (IOException iOException) {
                  System.err.println("Error reading from the source");
              } // end catch
          } // end MediaPanel constructor
      But all I get is errors:

      Warning: The URL may not exist. Please check URL
      No media player found

      Can you please please help me get this working? I would really appreciate a little walkthrough
      Best regards,

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          Here's a little bit more readable version:


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            Just use \
             tags. People don't like to go to external sites.
            I really advise you to consider using JavaFX 2 here. Swing is old and not really supported anymore, JMF is also old and absolutely not supported anymore.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
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              Great, thanks, didn't see those anywhere, changed it now.

              Can I put this in JavaFX2 and just call it with Swing? There's a lot of pre-existing stuff that I can absolutely not get rid of in the little time I have for this...
              It absolutely doesn't necessarily have to be JMF, you can just point me to the right direction where I can find a possibility to integrate the video, that would be really great! :)

              Thanks already very much

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                There is in fact a way to integrate JavaFX 2 into a Swing application, yes.


                (google: 'javafx 2 swing integration')

                Do note that JavaFX 2 is quite recent tech so your JVM should be up to date to be able to use it. JavaFX 2.2 now comes as part of Java 7 update 6, before that you'd need a separate installation of the JavaFX 2 runtime. I don't know who your target audience is but if its "just anyone out there" then the installation requirements may be a bottleneck for you.

                There is also FMJ, which is also a project with no more development behind it but at least its more recent than JMF (and API compatible).