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    Internal Behavior of TIME_SPAN

      Hoping that someone could shed some light on how TIME_SPAN is actually used.

      Specifically if you are using a Time Dimension (that is separate from a Standard Date dimension Year-Month-Week-Day) where your leaf level is either Minute or Second. Should you be using a TIME_SPAN value that is the correct fractional value of a 24 hour day i.e. 1/1440 for leaves which are minutes or 1/86400 for leaves that are seconds. Or should you always use 1 as a starting point for the leaf level in a Time Dimension?

      So using the above example.

      If we have levels, Minute-Hour-All

      Should we be using Time_Spans 1,60,1440 or 1/1440, 60/1440,1

      There is a useful blog post on this here:


      But the author does not go into these details in their post, additionally it seems like HOURS were added as a lower level grain to an existing date dimension. I am more concerned when having two time dimensions i.e. Day, Month, Year and Hour,Min, Second