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    Where do you put the  SMTP Server Name  ?

      I am trying to set up the email address of the SNMP.

      i can set up the Server SNMP Agents and the trap destinations, but can't find where to specifiy the SMTP Server Name i.e our company email address name myname@mycompany.com

      I looked in security realms can't find it.

      Any ideas
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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          Here is sample setup for AIX machine.


          GC agent installed in AGENT_ORACLE_HOME
          RDBMS installed in RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME
          Database and listener up and running, monitored by Grid Control,
          this implies that the AGENT_ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/targets.xml contains the correct credentials for the database.
          The listener name given ion RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora is identical to the name of that listener target in Grid Control.
          AGENT_ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/sqlnet.ora must exist.

          SETUP steps needed for operating system AIX:

          A. AIX is using its native snmp deamon pointing to the snmpdv3 deamon (this is the default on AIX5L):
          [hostname]/root> ls -l /usr/sbin/snmpd
          lrwxrwxrwx 1 root system 9 Jul 24 2009 /usr/sbin/snmpd@ -> snmpdv3ne*

          B. The script AGENT_ORACLE_HOME/network/snmp/peer/start_peer has needs to be corrected on AIX :
          1. the locations of "whoami" needs to be corrected from "/usr/ucb/whoami" to "/bin/whoami"
          2. the command starting the os snmp deamon must be changed to

          $SNMPD $SNMPD_OPTIONS -p $NEW_SNMPD_PORT >snmpd.out 2>&1 &

          Alternatively add two blocks for operating system AIX:

          elif [ "$uname" = "AIX" ] ; then
          TRPCMD="exit 1"
          ENCAP_OPT="-s 1160"

          elif [ "$uname" = "AIX" ]
          echo "Starting $SNMPD ..."
          echo "$SNMPD $SNMPD_OPTIONS -p $NEW_SNMPD_PORT >snmpd.out 2>&1 &"
          $SNMPD $SNMPD_OPTIONS -p $NEW_SNMPD_PORT >snmpd.out 2>&1 &

          Starting up emsubagent

          None of the following processes must be upp and running: snmpd, emsubagent, master_peer, encaps_peer
          The following ports must not be allocated: snmp, smux, 161, 1161, 199
          run as root:

          ORACLE_HOME= <full path to the AGENT_ORACLE_HOME>
          export ORACLE_HOME
          $ORACLE_HOME/network/snmp/peer/start_peer -a

          This must start the following processes as root: master_peer, encaps_peer, snmpd

          As agent ORACLE_HOME owner run

          AGENT_ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl start subagent

          The snmp_*.ora files needs to be copied from AGENT_ORACLE_HOME/network/admin to RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
          Restart the listener, query the listener status
          "RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl status <listener_name>" must show: SNMP ON