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    spell dictionary


      anyone try to use the --spellmode paramenter?

      i tried to use both aspell and espell for dgidx,
      set Arguments in workbench for Dgidx: -v compoundDimSearch spellmode espell

      but i cannot find a file called <db_prefix>.worddatn_default

      however, i use the <db_prefix>.spell_config.xml under pipeline folder.

      anyone know how to set aspell_AND_espell in that xml file?

      Thank you
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          anyone knows how to set and check it is running with aspell_AND_espell?
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            Fixed by setting AppConfig.xml instead of setting in workbench.
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              Pravin Chikhale
              Hi BCHK,

              Is changing configuration worked? Did it created that worddat file?

              I tried with french data, but it didn't worked. I think i missed some configuration. Can you please explain configuration you made.

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                If you change AppConfig.xml you need to run "initialize_services.sh" to pick up the changes.
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                  Michael Peel-Oracle
                  If you are using the Deployment Template, you can add the following to the arguments in AppConfig.xml <dgidx />:

                  This requires a baseline to take effect (and initialize_services.bat if you have removed the --update-definition command from runcommand.bat. You can check that it is executing correctly by looking at the Dgidx log (./logs/dgidxs/Dgidx/Dgidx.log).

                  For French, you may wish to test this versus using just espell as aspell uses English phonetics to perform spell-correction.

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                    thanks for this tip. We've run initialize_services.bat + baseline update. After this all Thesaurus entries in Endeca Workbench were gone.
                    The old entries are still available in this file:

                    But all other files are empty.


                    New entries in Endeca workbench are written into the file
                    Where can we put our old file, that Endeca Workbench takes the old Thesaurus words?
                    Thank you in advance.
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                      You can approach this two ways - first, save the thesaurus file somewhere so it won't be overwritten - this is your gold copy for now.

                      The example commands below are in linux format - you can modify to make windows specific. Whatever you do, back up everything as you go in case you need to recover something else.

                      Issue a command to export all workbench managed files to your config/pipeline directory - this will overwrite the same files already there but this should be ok if you have setup all of these files in AppConfig for workbench managed files. (*You could also export to a completely separate location to be safer, then do all the rest of the steps to/from that location).
                      echo Extracting $APP workbench files to /<YourPathHere>/$APP/config/pipeline/
                      +emgr_update host localhost:8006 app_name $APP action get_ws_settings prefix $APP --dir /<YourPathHere>/$APP/config/pipeline+

                      Copy your gold copy of the thesaurus file into the config/pipeline directory.

                      At this point, I would archive up everything as a saved copy.

                      Approach 1:
                      Issue a command to clear all files from your workbench
                      echo "Cleaning pipeline and page builder xml files from $APP"
                      +emgr_update host localhost:8006 app_name $APP action remove_all_settings dir /<YourPathHere>/$APP/config/pipeline --prefix $APP+
                      Issue a command to import all files from config/pipeline into your workbench
                      echo "Loading pipeline xml files to $APP"
                      +emgr_update host localhost:8006 app_name $APP action update_mgr_settings dir /<YourPathHere>/$APP/config/pipeline --prefix $APP+
                      If you use page builder/experience manager templates, don't forget to import those as well.

                      Approach 2:
                      Run initialize services
                      If you use page builder/experience manager templates, don't forget to import those as well.
                      Run baseline updates, etc.