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    Undestanding the OSM-AIA integration with SAF agent for RODOD 11gr2.

      Hello all,

      As we don't yet manage the sending of sales orders from AIA 11.1 to OSM 7.2, I looking for some information about the way AIA and OSM may be integrated with SAF agents.

      During the installation of the O2A cartridges in Design Studio, the SAF agent has been choosed against the JMS bridge approach.

      So in OSM's WebLogic domain,
      - a SAF agent is created
      - JMS resources are created in the oms module:
      -      a Remote SAF Context describing the way to be connected to the AIA's weblogic instance
      - the remote imported destintations i.e.:

      Sending an order from Siebel to AIA fills an AIA_FOPROV_IN_JMSQ on the AIA database which seems to be not consumed because on the OSM side, no order is ssen in the oms_ws_requests queue.

      So, we are wondering if the Order to cash PIP in AIA is incomplete or not. Should be a SAF-agent in AIA to send orders to OSM? Should we complete the current SAF-Agent in OSM to receive and send messages to AIA?

      To integrate ASAP or UIM to OSM, it is recommended to define a SAF-Agent in OSM to send messages and a SAF-Agent in ASAP/UIM to reply to OSM. It lets me think that our AIA installation is incomplete.
      On the other side, when JMS bridges are used in OSM in 7.0.2, a bridge called created AIA_2_CFS_CreateOrder_is defined to locate and consume the remote JMS queue AIA_CRTFO_IN.

      In conclusion, we'd like some explanations on the way to integrate as well as possible AIA and OSM in a SAF context. It will help use quite a lot.

      Many thinks in advances.


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          On OSM side should exist SAF agent for sending messages to AIA queue's and same on AIA side for sending to OSM queue's. You can even combine SAF agaent on one direction and bridge's in another direction but you'll have to do it manually in that case.
          If you see message in AIA queue and not forwarding to OSM I would first check SAF agent on AIA side ( usr/pass + remote destination (OSM) )

          best regards