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    popup key lov in translated application

      In my base application the popup key lov is working correctly.

      But in my translated application i got the page not found error.

      Below you can find first the link from my translated app (not working) and second the link from my base app (working)


      The only difference is the last '%2C104'

      How can i resolve this ?

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          Denes Kubicek
          It is important to know which version of APEX are you using. %2C is "," and it is adding this to the column id plus "104", whatever that means. I have seen several bugs so far and they were removed in the new versions. A possible workarround would be to find the affected string in the export file, remove it and import the application. This is how I did it while moving from devlopment to test or production for translated applications.

          Denes Kubicek
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            My version is apex

            104 is my translated app

            I have searched in the export file, but i can't find something code that placed the extra char's on the end.

            How can i find this ?

            Thanks for your help.

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