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    Error while installing Oracle 10G on Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.8 32 bit

      Our machine is a x86_64 machine with 32 GB of RAM available. I have installed OEL 4.8 32 bit on this machine (configured swap space of 32 GB) and OEL by default boots with the Hugemem kernel.

      I am trying to install Oracle 10G enterprise edition on this. All required kernel parameters, shell limits etc. have been verified and configured. The preinstallation checks succeed on all the tests and installation proceeds smoothly. However in the last step of configuring the database using dbca following two errors are thrown:

      1. ORA-27102 - out of memory
      2. ORA-01034 - ORACLE not found

      Most places where I am reading are telling to configure kernel parameters. However that doesn't seem to be the problem in this case.

      Please Help.