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    Search in UCM

    Soheil Star
      Hi guys

      I configured using ucm and ses and when i launch the crawler, it works and it indexes some file, but when click on search ( http://<ses hostname>:<port>/search/query/ url) and search for documents , it doesn't retrieve anything. How should I troubleshooting this issue ?

      Does it search document's content or its title or .. ? How can I config them ?

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Derrick Roberts
          Did you login to SES before running the search? If, in the UCM Source configuration you configured the default Authorization as "ACLs controlled by the Source", then UCM security protects the content items. Login to UCM first and make sure you can get search results with that user account. If you can't login to SES with a UCM user account or an external (like LDAP account) that is mapped to UCM, then you have some kind of issue with your Identity Management configuration in SES...
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            Soheil Star
            Thank you for your reply

            Actually afte some days I found that documents in UCm are indexed and by searching key words on Oracle search it can find word and its document .
            I don't know how it solve but it already has solved:)