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    MDM  Migration issue

      Hello All,

      We have MDM 9.2.0 version on our Dev and Prod. - Working fine.

      Now since we are going to upgrade to MDM 9.3.1(DRM), i am performing a Migration test on a new Server.

      Working Environment:
      SQL  server 2003
      MDM 9.2.0

      Testing Environment
      SQL server 2005
      DRM 9.3.1

      I have installed the DRM 9.3.1 successfully on the new environment and i can login to DRM and create hierarchy, versions etc.

      This is how i did the Migration:

      1. I took a backup of SQL server table(2003) of the MDM(9.2) version and restored it into the Sql Server 2005 in the new environment, the DB restore was successful.
      2. I created a new DB connection in MDM console
      Now when i am trying to connect - getting an error " Could not connect to database: Cannot open database "xxx" requested by the login. The login failed"

      Or is there any other way to Migrate? Please let me know.

      Appreciate any response.

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          Hi SSP,

          You can use the Metadata Migration Utility to migrate DRM components between different enviornments.

          Let me know if you run into any issues.

          - Geeta
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            Hi Geeta,

            Do you have any pointers explaining migration process tips & tricks?

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              Murali Pasumarti
              If you are migration from,

              1. 9.3.X to any legacy 11.1.1.X - you can perform a schema migraion and laso you can leverage migration utility if you wish to build your mata data structures
              manually, with schema migration both Metadata and System meta data will get migrated.

              2. 9.3.X or 11.1.1.X to 11.1.2 ( complete web) - you need to do a repository migration, you need to be little patient as it takes more time Legacy to Web
              ( remember migration utilty will not work from Legacy to Web migration)

              3. 11.1.2.X to any latest versions, you can use migration utility as well as schema refresh,

              wish it helps!

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                The metadata utility will only migrate the metadata configuration, not the versions themselves. To upgrade the respository on older versions you should restore the database schema as you have done and then run the update scripts. Look in the "Oracle Update Scripts" folder. There are sql scripts provided for updating the database from various versions.