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    ssh; fatal: Read from socket failed: Connection timed out

      ssh was working on this particular port until recently. when I try to login in using ssh am getting the following error;

      Aug 24 10:11:06 hostname sshd[13743]: [ID 800047 auth.crit] fatal: Read from socket failed: Connection timed out

      More background info;

      The platform is M5000 with bge0 and bge1 ports,
      bge1 port has a point-to-point fiber connection to another server, this is used for file transfer,
      a telnet onto the same port is going thru!!!!!!! as well as ftp!!!!!
      a ping on the same port is replying but has a packet loss in the region of 60%.
      Nothing has been changed in terms of configs.

      Where can look....?

      Have removed and recreated authorized_keys and verified the known_hosts file....but am not getting any joy. Here
      is the authorized_keys file

      ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEA4ADEWzlrOZ1duYT4hkQ5ySBY6ADrGDmhU2lBvTuXlDekVErNIkG3okBx6d4jYIcBIWf32PfDUgK9kPX93m75XqBnNNRGFJNpxKcuCRirWBHpKH1w1fNb5YO9JJBJbJLlOqZs/DoWvFeTMzN3KR1OBdMrSr+tdgY6++XV3z6gep8= root@hostname

      the above is in a single line.

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