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    OCR/Votting disk change location


      I need to move my 2 nodes RAC (Solaris 10 / Oracle 10g ( to a new data center.

      My OCR and Votting disks are on a SAN (x) and on the new datacenter I want to put them on a new SAN (y).

      How can I perform this server movement without losing the current RAC/Clusterware configuration?

      I was planning to do the following:

      - Backup current databases
      - Backup spfile
      - Backup Diskgroups/ASM configuration
      - Delete databases
      - Delete Diskgroups/ASM
      - Shutdown CRS (crsctl stop crs)
      - Backup OCR disks (ocrconfig -export export_filename)
      - Backup Votting disks (dd if=voting_disk_name of=backup_file_name)
      - Turn off the servers
      - Move them to the new Datacenter
      - Attch the new SAN
      - Restore Votting disks (dd if=backup_file_name of=voting_disk_name)
      - Restore OCR disks ( ocrconfig -import export_filename)
      - Then recreate Diskgroups/ASM
      - Restore databases

      Is this the right procedure/commands to accomplish it without losing the RAC configuration?

      I am trying to avoid rebuilding the whole RAC from scratch.