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    Java SIM Card testing

      Dear guys,

      I have developed the Java SIM Card successfully, now I have to think about the testing. Here are some tests that I am looking at:

      1. GSM 11.17 & 51.013
      2. Oracle's Testing Compliance Kit for Java Card (TCK)
      3. Handset compatibility testing

      My question is:

      1. Are there any testing standards or testing methods that I miss to have a normal Java SIM Card

      2. How can I do the handset compatibility testing? It's kind of encumbering to me since it's likely that I have to purchase/borrow all handsets all over the world (which I believe that's impossible) to do this testing (in other words, to ensure that my Java SIM Card can operate properly in all handsets). I bet there would be a tool which runs as a handset emulator, able to be customized at different spec for symbolizing a variety of handsets. That is to say, this emulator will replace all handset devices and perform the test well. IF THERE IS A TOOL LIKE THIS, PLEASE GIVE ME ITS NAME.

      Any responses would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance
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          Dear Jason,

          1. You can also consider to include 3GPP TS 11.13.
          2. I suggest to buy some handsets for each segments (low-end, mid-end, high-end and also old and new). When your business grows, you can add more of them. If there is a bug report which is handset specific, you need to buy that handset. Yes, there are such simulators and emulators but mostly are proprietary and cannot replace all handsets (you still need to buy some). Try checking on Gemalto website.

          Hope that helps

          Best regards,