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    Xpath functions in oracle


      Is there any function like fn:local-name(.) in oracle XPATH functions. If yes help me wit ha simple example.

      I am new to Oracle & migrating procedure from SQL server to oracle where procedure taken XML script as input.

      I need to convert below SQL server select statement to Oracle.

      SELECT     converseUID,
                          cast(ServiceCalls.query('fn:local-name(.)') as varchar(100)),
                FROM     @WIP.nodes('//WIP/gatewayServiceCalls/*') as WIP(ServiceCalls)
                WHERE     WIP.ServiceCalls.value('(startTime)[1]','int') <> 0

      Thanks in advance.
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          Marco Gralike
          We would need an exact database version to be able to give you some good advice...
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            ... continued from SQL Forum : {thread:id=2431325}

            This should do it :
            SQL> SELECT x.*
              2  FROM XMLTable(
              3         '/gatewayServiceCalls/*'
              4         passing xmltype(bfilename('TEST_DIR','wip.xml'), nls_charset_id('AL32UTF8'))
              5         columns
              6           nodename   varchar2(20)  path 'fn:local-name(.)'
              7         , totaltime  number        path 'TotalTime'
              8         , status     varchar2(15)  path 'Status'
              9         , prim_defer varchar2(15)  path 'Primary_deferred'
             10         , from_cache varchar2(1)   path 'FromCache'
             11         , start_time number        path 'startTime'
             12       ) x
             13  WHERE start_time != 0
             14  ;
            -------------------- ---------- --------------- --------------- ---------- ----------
            mqdrop                     5466 SUCCESS         Primary                     640743750
            tranManLogRequest             0 SUCCESS         Deferred                    640743721
            tranManIsEnabled              0 SUCCESS         Primary         1           640743723
            XMLValidation                 6 SUCCESS         Primary                     640743743
            sqiwcall                      4 SUCCESS         Deferred                    640752535
            garageTransform               6 SUCCESS         Primary                     640743737
            6 rows selected
            NB : for my own convenience, I used the following to access the XML from my filesystem :
            xmltype(bfilename('TEST_DIR','wip.xml'), nls_charset_id('AL32UTF8'))
            In your case, use the column/variable holding the XML instead. Based on your other thread, I guess it's "v_wip"?

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              Thanks a lot for your help.

              I am trying to convert the below from sql server to oracle for the same v_wip input & in oracle its not working.

              @MQResponse1 = @WIP.value('(//WIP/gatewayServiceCalls/mqdrop/Response)[1]','varchar(max)')

              Below is the logic which I have used for oracle conversion.

              SELECT x.nodename, x.respon
              -- INTO v_servicename, v_MQResponse1
              FROM XMLTable(
              passing v_wip
              nodename VARCHAR2(4000) path 'fn:local-name(.)'
              , respon VARCHAR2(4000) path 'Response'
              ) x;
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                Can any one help me on this
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                  The PATH expression is wrong and, based on the sample XML you've posted earlier, VARCHAR2(4000) is not large enough to hold the extracted value.

                  You'll have to use CLOB datatype :
                  SELECT x.response
                  FROM XMLTable(
                         passing v_wip
                           response   clob  path 'Response'
                       ) x
                  or, if you're expecting a single value then preferably :
                  SELECT XMLCast(
                             passing v_wip
                             returning content
                           as clob
                  FROM dual;