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    GRUB will not load kernel

      I downloaded the Solaris 11 x86 ISO and burned it to a disk. When I boot to the disk I get a GRUB> prompt asking me to type a command. I thought there was a problem with the ISO so I downloaded it again and burned another disk, but received the same results. Can anyone help me with this?

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          Can you mount the media and copy the menu.lst file and post it here?

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            The menu.lst is blank. I feel like there is a problem with the ISO download. I am going to open a ticket with Oracle this morning.
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              There is nothing wrong with the ISO file itself, as it has been downloaded and successfully used by many customers without any issues.

              I looked at the 3 different Solaris 11 x86 ISO images (since you didn't specify which one you downloaded), and saw the complete menu.lst in each. I would recommend that you verify the download was successful by checking the md5 sum value of the file. Then I suggest trying an install using the ISO image in a VirtualBox environment or some other system to make sure that there is no problem in reading the ISO that you burned on your system.

              Does the rest of the ISO look okay, as far as directory and file names, etc? What program did you use to create the disc from the file image?

              -- Alan S.
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                The problem appeared to be with IE, downloaded from Firefox and it worked.
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                  IE shouldn't be doing anything different with the ISO file. Did you see any differences? File size or md5 sum? What did the disk contents look like when you mounted it on a Solaris system? The difference would have to be more than just the grub menu.lst file.

                  -- Alan