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    Table to XMl ODI

      I have created an ODI to transfer data from table to xml.
      The interface executes successfully and from the xml data store in the model, I can see that the data is loaded to xml data store.
      However, Iam not able to see any xml with all the data which is inserted.
      In IKM, i have given XML path(C:\abc.xml) , create xml file as true.

      The interface is creating the abc.xml, but it is always creating it with empty schema. The target data is not getting loaded.
      Any help on this is much appreciated.

      Naveen Kumar T.

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          I have the same problem. Does anyone have any idea?

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            I used the below steps to generate xml file:

            1) Place oracle proparties file in Drives folder. (get the properties file in ODI documentation)

            2) use the URL to create XML schema with xml tables in database


            dp is name of the properties file

            3) create phy and logical schemas

            4) Load the Xml tables created in database

            5) use the follwing command in ODI procedure to create file.

            CREATE XMLFILE <file_name> [FROM SCHEMA <schema_name>]

            Hope this will help ...