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    Getting 'RegionException' while using custom AK region


      We are implementing iStore R12 (12.1.3)

      We have created a custom jsp as per business requirement. In this custom jsp we need to use some of the region items in seeded regions "IBE_ORD_HDR_R" and "IBE_ORD_DTL_R". Also we need to use some custom region items.

      So we copied the seeded AK regions to create custom regions "XXIBE_ORD_HDR_R" and "XXIBE_ORD_DTL_R" respectively.
      We defined the custom attributes and added them these custom regions.

      However when we refer the custom regions in the custom jsp, getting following error:
      Message: RegionException caught while initializing region XXIBE_ORD_HDR_R
      oracle.apps.jtf.base.resources.FrameworkException: RegionException caught while initializing region XXIBE_ORD_HDR_R
           at oracle.apps.ibe.postsales.AkRegion.initialize(AkRegion.java:225)
           at oracle.apps.ibe.postsales.AkRegion.getAkRegion(AkRegion.java:278)
           at oracle.apps.ibe.postsales.AkQuery.connect(AkQuery.java:805)
           at xxibeCOOrdShipInfo.jspService(_xxibeCOOrdShipInfo.java:1408)
      Caused by: oracle.apps.jtf.base.resources.FrameworkException: JTF-1400: Region regionCode=XXIBE_ORD_HDR_R, respId=22372, appId=671, lang=USoracle.apps.jtf.base.resources.FrameworkException: Failure in CacheLoader: oracle.apps.jtf.base.resources.FrameworkException: RegionLoader.load()- error in loading.
           at oracle.apps.jtf.cache.IASCacheProvider.get(IASCacheProvider.java:830)
           at oracle.apps.jtf.cache.CacheManager.getInternal(CacheManager.java:4802)
           at oracle.apps.jtf.cache.CacheManager.get(CacheManager.java:2952)
           at oracle.apps.jtf.cache.CacheManager.get(CacheManager.java:2900)
           at oracle.apps.jtf.region.RegionLoader.get(RegionLoader.java:92)
      Caused by: oracle.apps.jtf.base.resources.FrameworkException: JTF-1400: Region XXIBE_ORD_HDR_R causes JTF RegionException because of java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01403: no data found
      ORA-06512: at "APPS.JTF_REGION_PUB", line 300
      ORA-06512: at "APPS.JTF_REGION_PUB_W", line 1226
      ORA-06512: at line 1
      (Please note that I have uploaded mainly the error messages from the stack trace. Entire stack trace is quite big. I can upload it if needed.)

      We tried bouncing apache and clearing jsp cache. Still getting same error.

      Are we missing some step? Please let us know.
      Any prompt help/suggestion in this regard is appreciated.

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          Hi Vivek,

          The failure for the JTF_REGION_PUB looks to be for this -

          if((not t_punt_column_names) and c1.object_attribute_flag = 'Y' ) then
          select column_name into p_column_name from ak_object_attributes
               where attribute_code = c1.attribute_code;

          You will need to check the OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE_FLAG for your region. This can be value of Y for Object Attribute attribute type or value of N for Attribute.
          Query to run:

          order by ATTRIBUTE_CODE;

          In the seeded region 'IBE_ORD_DTL_R the attribute IBE_SHP_DTL_LINK is set with OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE_FLAG = N.
          You can see that this must be N by running this query which returns null -
          select column_name from ak_object_attributes
          where attribute_code = 'IBE_SHP_DTL_LINK';

          You can change the Attribute Type in the form -
          - Login as the Application Developer Common Modules
          - Choose Define Regions
          - Query on Region Name and enter your custom region
          - Choose Region Items button and this will allow you to change the value for the Attribute Type - dropdown box has values for Object Attribute or Attribute

          Confirm that those attributes in your region with attribute type of Attribute Object are setup properly and have row returned in ak_object_attributes.

          Deborah Bourgeois
          Oracle Customer Support
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            I am new to istore and AK developer customizations. I need your help.


            I am developing Renewals menu very similar to Track Orders menu in istore.

            Could you please let me know the steps to proceed?


            I did the following steps as of now.


            1) Enabled menu "Renewals" by adding code in standard ibeCCtdMenu.jsp file, attached new jsp to template.

            2) Created search screen with 2 fields a) quote number text field b) GO button. When i click on "Renewals" menu search page is being displayed properly.

            3) I created results page(xxbcibeCOtdOrdSum.jsp) by copying TRACK ORDERS results pag(ibeCOtdOrdSum.jsp).

            4) I defined the new database view for new quotes(means contracts in ENTERES status)

            5) Now i need your help to to display the results.

                  i) How to define regions in AK Developer

                 ii) sample java code to connect to DB, get the results and display in RESULTS page

                 iii) Any function in application developer or AK HTML reason needs to be defined?

                 iv) how can i refer the new region in the my renewals jsp file to get the results?

                 v) How to pass the region name to java class to execute the query

                vi) how to pass the parameters to custom_AKQuery java class file?

                vii) Sample code to call the function in java class when i click on "GO" button on search page.


            Could you please let me know the step by step and also screen shots if possible.


            I am looking for you guys help very badly.

            You can email me the steps and screen shots to my email id; tvenkymca@gmail.com.