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    Attachment issue in OAF


      In my custom page ,I have attachment bean. The page has more items.
      while i click viewattachment link and return to the base page, it is getting reloaded
      and entered data has been flushed out.

      But while adding a file the base page is not having any issue , means the entered data is same as before.
      In the following code i can get the debug statement.

      The code in my PFR:

      if (("oaAddAttachment".equals(pageContext.getParameter("event"))) || ("oaUpdateAttachment".equals(pageContext.getParameter("event"))) || ("oaDeleteAttachment".equals(pageContext.getParameter("event"))) || ("oaViewAttachment".equals(pageContext.getParameter("event"))))
                     System.out.println("attachment is clicked");


      It is very very urgent ..issue...Tomorrow is UAT...Any one can help me...

      Thanks in advance..