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    GL Integration Web Service Errors

    Martin Jermyn
      Hi All

      We have completed all the necessary configuration of the DRM web service, updated the relevant values in the GL etc. However, when we try to run the request set in Gl to import values and hierarchies we hit the error below.

      Has anyone seen this error or know where to look to resolve?


      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Initializaing Load Segment Values and Hierarchies program ...
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Request ID =503460
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Value Set =GL_ANALYSIS
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Fetching DRM profile options values ...
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_VALUE_SET_PROP ==> OracleGL.ValueSet
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_VER_EXPORT_PROP ==> OracleGL.AllowExport
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_HIER_EXP_PROP ==> OracleGL.AllowHierExport
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_VER_EXPORT_DEFN ==> EBSValueSetExport
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_HIER_EXPORT_DEFN ==> EBSHierarchyExport
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_WSDL_URL ==> http://myserver.com:28080/oracle-epm-drm-webservices/DrmService?wsdl
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_API_URL ==> http://myserver.com:5240/Oracle/Drm/APIAdapter
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Profile: GL_DRM_USERNAME ==> GL
      2012.08.09 12:39:03:-- Scanning DRM for version to Export...
      2012.08.09 12:39:08:-- oracle.apps.gl.drm.ws.DrmWSClient.getVersions(): Event payload -
      <drm:getVersions xmlns:drm='http://drm.webservices.epm.oracle'/>
      2012.08.09 12:39:08:-- Unexpected Error -> oracle.apps.gl.drm.ws.DrmWSException: Exception when Invoking Web Service -> oracle.apps.fnd.wf.bes.InvokerException: javax.xml.rpc.soap.SOAPFaultException: Cannot getVersions. Error while processing AppParameters in SOAP Header: AppParameters does not exist in SOAP Header.
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          When invoking the DRM Web Service, a SOAP header is required. The error you're getting is because no SOAP header is included in your SOAP message. Read below from the API guide:

          Connection information must be passed as a SOAP header for each Web service call. The AppParameters element, defined in the DrmService.wsdl document, provides a schema definition for this SOAP header. The AppParameters SOAP header contains the following information which is needed to connect to the Data Relationship Management API Adapter:

          · serverUrl - URL for the API adapter configured for a Data Relationship Management application

          For example: http://localhost:5240/Oracle/Drm/APIAdapter

          · sessionParams - Parameters for the Data Relationship Management user session

          The sessionParams that are available are:

          o ProductVersion - Version number for the Data Relationship Management application

          o CultureName - Identifier for formatting date, time, and decimal values. Any standard specific culture can be specified.

          o UICultureName – Identifier for language selection to use for exception messages from the Data Relationship Management application server:

          § en-US (English)

          § fr-FR (French)

          § de-DE (German)

          § ja-JP (Japanese)

          § zh-CN (Simplified Chinese)

          § ko-KR (Korean)

          o TimeZoneID – Client TimeZone identifier (see list of standard time zone IDs below)

          sessionParams example:




          TimeZoneID=Tokyo Standard Time
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            Martin Jermyn

            Surely, the out of the box "Load GL Segments and Values" program in Oracle eBus General Ledger should pass the relevant SOAP header?

            How else would we pass these otherwise?

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              We are having the same issue. Is there something missing in the profile setup? We went through the documentation and entered in the profiles for what was listed.