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    NFS server and client have different uid&gid, and causing permission issue.

      both server and client are running Oracle linux. on NFS server, Oracle uid=1000, oinstall gid=501, on NFS client Oralce uid = 1000; oinstall gid=1001. Without changing uid and gid on either side, can I export a file system (owned by oracle:oinstall) on the server, and mount the file system , and keep it as owned by "oracle:oinstall" on the client as well? what options should I use in /etc/exports on the server, and in /etc/fstab on the client? On linux, there is no "nosuid" option.

      the problems is now is: if I mount the file system on the client, it will be owned by 1000:501, and it won't translate to "oracle:oinstall", and even root is not able to change the ownership.

      It really got me on this, and Thanks for your inputs.

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