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    WebService with managed server as target is also available on 7001

    Suneetha -Oracle
      I deployed a EAR file which has a webservice module (WAR file) on to a managed server using wldeploy ANT task. ANT task is run from my machine and Weblogic Server is on a different machine. The managed server is listening on 8005 port.

      <wldeploy action="deploy" name="MyWebService" source="build/MyWebService.ear" user="wluser" password="wlpwd" upload="true" verbose="true" adminurl="t3://mywlhost:7001" targets="mymgdserver1"/>

      In Weblogic console I can see that the target for this app is mymgdserver1 and the WebService is accessible on port 8005. But for some reason the WebService is also accessible on port 7001. For security reasons we don't want the webservice to be available on port 7001. Can any one throw some light on why this is happening and how to achieve what I need. Thanks in advance.