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      • 30. Re: Send Message From Oracle To Mobile Device
        i had seen your article
        Send Message From Oracle To Mobile Device
        u had posted on oracle disscusion forum

        sir this mail is reagring a help from ur end
        ....sir i m an pl/sql developer
        working for a coperative banks
        now the bank pepoles want to send sms to their customer when they do some transaction
        whether it is credited or debited

        sir.. bank is using a oracle database to store the information
        about all transaction
        after every transaction it insert a row in a dotr010 (transaction table)

        sir i had developed a standalone software to send sms usning AT commands in VB 6.0
        but sir it is not automatically trigger a sms to customer this utility not send sms untill it is not run by bank pepoles

        sir i need your help
        my nakning software is completely
        window based

        i need ur help to get know
        1. how to communicate GSM modem through oracle (procedure,pl/sql)
        2. how the sms is triggered when one row is inserted in a transaction tabel
        3. and how to maintain log file

        this all only by using oracle no interface

        thanks for kind time
        i hope you pepole reply soon
        i need it

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          Hi i need help
          im using the Oracle Collaboration Suite, but i want create a new drive for send sms, i know that the OCS using class like oracle.panama, but i want create a new one with information of my sms server, someone know about it?, where i can find the code of the oracle.panama or how i can create the drive that i need
          please help me...
          its very important
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            i have group of applicants who applied for some posts. so, now i want to send sms to all applicants by mobile phone to attend written test. but i have to send sms to mobile phones. how can i send sms to different mobile network providers. please help me out.

            Thanks & Regards,
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              Hello Waseem.
              Thanks for your post. Please, I am to implement job schedule which will send an SMS to the DBA upon a trigger from a DML on particular tables.
              Please, do I still need the Java stored procedure or I just have to implement the PL/SQL for the jobs and the utl_smtp or utl_mail?
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                You can find information about creating this solution on these webpages:

                http://www.sms-integration.com/p-42-sms.html (How to send SMS from SQL - including Oracle)
                http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=392 (SMS Autoreply from database)

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                  Hi guys,

                  Here it is :D, I have created my own sms gateway for Oracle Application.

                  I have created a java bean, which loads any USB connected GSM device in your oracle forms application, it also loads GSM operator automatically you do not need mention it manually.

                  You only have to insert a message that you want to send in an oracle table with the number to whom you want send sms.

                  This java bean auto fetch unsend sms from that table every 5 seconds and send it to supplied number.

                  No additional configuration required.

                  You can set JDBC url with username and password at run time, and all you need to just press SEND SMS button :) .

                  And last but not the least, if incoming call coming during sending sms, this java bean auto reject these calls ;)

                  From Details and order this product please visit my blog: http://qamarsyed.blogspot.com/


                  Qamar Abbas
                  • 37. Re: Send Message From Oracle To Mobile Device
                    Well here me again ,

                    I have developed another stand alone java application to Send SMS from Oracle and SQL Server Databases.

                    Check it out: http://qamarsyed.blogspot.com/2010/10/java-sms-gateway-for-oracle-sql-server.html

                    cheers :)

                    Qamar Syed

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                      Adeel Aslam

                      Actually i am using windows OS and Working on Oracle Database 10g and i want to send text messages on prepaid as well as postpaid number of any network.
                      I have created the java class which you recommended for this task on yyour post.But tell me which SMS utility should i install on window to send sms on mobile devices.Because gnokii is for Linux not for window.
                      So please tell me solution Because i am working on this task for many days but nothing found except you post


                      Adeel Aslam
                      • 39. Re: Send Message From Oracle To Mobile Device
                        hi waseem

                        please explain how to install gnokii in windows xp.

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