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    Single instance to RAC conversion using "rconfig"


      We have requirement to convert various Single Instance (Non-ASM) database to RAC (with 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure as clusterware and ASM).

      Details as below:
      Single Instance:
      -Non ASM
      -Various database versions ranging from to
      -OS: Solaris 9/10

      For RAC:
      -OS: Solaris 10
      -Database version would be same as current single instance (i.e. ranging from to

      We are aware that 11gR2 GI supports 10gR2 and 11gR1 RDBMS.

      Can we use "rconfig" in this case to convert 10gR2/11gR1 Single instance database to RAC using 11gR2 GI but same RDBMS version?

      I have read on some thread that:
      "Stand alone db and RAC must be of same db versions"

      Also if anyone has used "rconfig" please share your experience and comparison with manual method.



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          there would be lots of steps involved if you are trying to use rconfig. Specially when your source db is non-ASM. I would suggest you to build the 11g GRID and apply the neccessary patches to support the 10g RAC database on the 11g GRID cluster. ( one of them listed in MOS 1073926.1).

          Also once the 10g Software is installed , you can use the RMAN to restore the database to ASM.

          I hope that helps.
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            You must do the following:

            First, restore the database into ASM. (see the previously mentioned link on how to do this)
            Next UPGRADE the database to 11gR2
            Then you use 11gR2 rconfig to RAC the database. You can only have one RAC version on the cluster. You can have multiple single-instance using other version (10g/11gR1) databases in an 11gR2 ASM environment.