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    Relation Sub Assembly and Finished Good Serial Numbers

      Hi All,

      I have following situation -
      1: Finished Good is serial controlled
      2: There is a Sub Assembly that is serial controlled
      3: Both serial control are PREDEFINED
      4: Now while completing the Work Order for FG we need to establish relationship between FG Serial Number and Sub Assembly serial number.
      For Example: - For FG if the serial number AE000L031is completed then I consumed Sub Assembly serial number NL02K0233.
      This relationship will be used later on in servicing and warranty.

      How do I configure this?


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          Hi Yash,

          You may setup a DFF in the work order completion form and try capturing the subassembly serial number against a FG.


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            If you want to work only with Predefined serial control, you will have to use serialized Job completion feature (which needs MSCA module) , it cant be done using WIP Forms alone. once the MSCA module is used, it builds the genealogy between subassy serial and assy serial automatically.

            If you are want to use standard Oracle form,
            you must use 'At Receipt' serial control (for both subassy and assy)
            and at BOM, the subassy must be configured as operation pull/assembly pull.
            .....while issuing subassy serial, you can link it to assy serial number in the Serial Entry form,